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Alonissos Hotels is the new address where you may find a selection of hotels and villas in Alonissos to accommodate your independent holidays in one of the lesser known Greek islands.

Use our search engine to locate your ideal Greek holiday in a quaint town house, luxury private pool villa, or a small hotel in Alonissos.
Alonissos is part of the Sporades islands chain along with Skiathos and Skopelos, but each is unique and very different from the typical Greek island.

Much less known than its neighbouring islands, Alonissos has many followers who enjoy coming back year after year and would consider going nowhere else! It is perfect for those who enjoy the quiet life and the wild nature that the island offers. It is a walker’s paradise with an extensive network of trails which are well marked and well kept. The beaches are pristine and unspoiled with a rugged beauty unmatched.

One of the highlights though of the island is its wonderfully refurbished old town or ‘hora’. Originally destroyed in the earthquake of 1962, it has been lovingly brought back to life by a colony of artists which lends it sort of bohemian feel. The original architecture has been restored along with the vibrant colours of the days of old to make it truly one of a kind. Its hilltop position offers some of the most stunning views to be seen anywhere.

Once you have chosen the perfect accommodation for your holiday, we will help you explore the island in further detail. From its beaches, historical sites, important places to visit and its surrounding areas. We will also share with you the intricacies of its food including where to have great seafood or a traditional home cooked Greek meal. Where to have a coffee with the most stunning of views of the sea and what the nightlife is all about. We will explore the neighbouring islands and how to best go about seeing them.

Alonissos is for travelers who want to get away from it all, enjoy quality food and to return to the ‘real’ Greece which is lost to so many other islands. So come, meet the locals, take a boat for a week to discover hidden beaches and coves and wind down to a different pace of life. Discover Alonissos and change your perception of the ‘finest things in life’.

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